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Kuennen - Hollerbach Family Genealogy

Ancestors of My Children 5/5/2009
My Kuennen Kinship 10/11/2009
Lynn's Kinship 5/5/2009
Huinker (Huning) 5.29.2010
Hollenbeck (Hollerbach) 8/8/2010
Einck (Eynck) (Kühlkamp)
Lang 5/5/2009
Ruddy 3/28/09
Kuehner (Kühner) (Kuhner) 3/2/2009
Meyer 3/1/2009
Straub 5/5/2009
Kuennen (Künnen) (Künne) 2.12.2010

Ancestors of Heather Badgley Kuennen

Balk 1/25/2009
Michigan Kuennens
Frana (2.12.2010)
Bodensteiner 3/1/2009

Huinker Family Reunion was Saturday, June 26, 2010

** FORTY NEW ANCESTORS ** Thanks to Larry Barnes of Toledo, Ohio, the Ancestors of My Children File now includes 40 new ancestors. Previously, the maiden name of Lynn's grandmother Rosa Lang's mother was unknown to me. NOW we know that she was Theresia STRAUB. Larry has provided me with over 1,000 new Lang, Straub, Hollerbach, and related individuals. See also the new LANG and STRAUB files above.

My genealogy interest began long ago with the book written by my cousin, Lorraine Bodensteiner Kuennen, "The John Carl Bodensteiner Family". The book was written in 1979, and can be found in the Library of Congress, Catalog Card Number 79-51178. Back then, however, I was confining my genealogy search to finding the ancestors of my children. In recent years I have been expanding my files to include my cousins, up to and including third cousins.

So in February 2009 I spent many hours going through Lorraine's book in detail, and entering persons and data from her book into my data files. The result, I think, is the most complete Bodensteiner file. It can be accessed by clicking the new Bodensteiner link above. There you will find over 200 more Bodensteiner relatives than I had previously included in my reports. Many of my other files are also affected. I will be updating them as time allows.


New Frana Ancestors 2.12.2010

In honor of my new daughter-in-law, Heather (Badgley) Kuennen, I have researched her ancestry. She is descended from not one, but two Revolutionary War veterans, both named Anthony Badgley. She also has an ancestor who is apparently of some nobility as he is listed as Sir John Ellsworth. Her ancestry dates back farther than any other linked person in my files, to Thomas Colt, b. 1420.

The links above were uploaded between April 2008 and February 2010. Most files have a notation of when they were last updated / uploaded. All of my information is fully sourced, but to conserve space, I have included the Ancestor and Descendant Reports without sources. I am happy to share the sourced versions with anyone who asks. Sources can also be found via the "My Main Database" link below, which is continuously updated as I make changes.

Of course, certain portions of my data are subject to error. I apologize if I am passing along the errors of others; I apologize even more if I have made errors of my own. I will make corrections as I learn of them.

Take a look at the Michigan Kuennens link above, updated July 27, 2008. I would love to find the link between this family and the known families in St. Lucas, Iowa and St. Louis, Missouri.

Significant new information on the Kuennens of Oldenburg, Germany also comes from the discovery of a letter from the late Heinrich Henke of Lastrup, Germany, to my uncle Ben Kuennen (also deceased), dated August 26, 1961. A new line has been added to the Hollerbach tree, the descendants of Bernhard Hollerbach, Lorenz's brother, thanks to Debbie Lamb. Many changes were made in May, June, and July thanks to more input from others, especially LaVerne Catanzarite and Ann (Scharbel) Heffner.

This would probably be a good time to thank some of the other folks whose work preceeded mine, and on whose shoulders I have built my files. Special thanks to Bob Ott, DeEtta Huinker, Catherine Huinker, Denis Kuennen, Lorraine Kuennen, Wolfgang Grosskinsky, Fred Rump, Jean-Pierre Bionaz, Larry Barnes, and many others too numerous to mention.

Now, here is genealogy at its finest - photographic evidence of Heather joining our family. From left to right, David, Bruce (me), Heather, Chris, Lynn, Steve, and Reid.

August 30, 2008, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

St. Luke's Catholic Cemetery

Mom and Her Kids at 2009 Kuennen Reunion

July 2009, Calmar, Iowa

St. Luke's Catholic Cemetery

If you have any additions or corrections to the family information presented here, please communicate changes to me directly. My email address is listed below. (You will need to re-type it, this is not a link.)

Bruce Kuennen

Olympia, WA, USA

My Main Database
The Families of St. Lucas